The work of Casey Architecture - - -

To analyze needs, develop creative design options, and orchestrate cost-effective building programs that work.

• Provide efficient and effective architectural and planning services across the Midwest

• To enhance the livability of our own community of Springfield, Missouri

The distinguishing aspects of Casey Architecture - - -

• To us, excellent design is a successful resolution to our client's needs, not satisfying our own design whims. Beyond the basic processes of architecture, we deal especially well with helping to define and truly understand our client’s needs.

• We specialize in the analysis and creative re-use of existing buildings, whether they are historic or contemporary structures.

• Our Planning Services range from the master planning of campuses to the implementation of complex National Historic Register tax credit projects.

• We have been remarkably successful with the resolution of regulatory, zoning and code compliance issues.

• We provide Real Estate Consulting and Development Services through Casey Development Company.